During the past 10 years, ETA and its members have supported more than 20 federal agencies and departments, bringing unique insights, understanding, and experience successfully executing federal customer mission requirements.

Energy Technology Alliance LLC (ETA) combines the capabilities and experience of both Lindahl Reed and BGS. our service offerings include:

Energy and Climate Change

• Energy Management
• Energy Information
• Decarbonization and Electrification
• Clean Energy
• Climate Change and Sustainability

Cyber & Technology Solutions

• Critical Infrastructure Security
• Cyber Programs and Authorization Packages
• Cyber Security Compliance and Assessment
• Software Development

Environmental Management

• Scientific and Technical Support
• Environmental Compliance
• Engineering and Technical Reviews
• Safety, Security, and Quality
• Capital Project Reviews

Nuclear Engineering & Security

• Safety Management
• Operations Support
• Specialized Design Engineering
• Quality Assurance and Compliance
• Safeguards and Security

Business Solutions

• Strategic Planning and Communications
• Program and Project Management
• Financial and Budget Analysis
• Acquisition Support
• Logistics and Administrative

Health Services

• Regulatory Compliance and Privacy
• Health Information Technology
• Public Health
• Fraud, Waste, and Abuse