Energy Technology Alliance LLC (ETA) combines the capabilities and experience of both Lindahl Reed and BGS. our service offerings include:

Energy and Climate Change

• Energy Management
• Energy Information
• Decarbonization and Electrification
• Clean Energy
• Climate Change and Sustainability

Cyber & Technology Solutions

• Critical Infrastructure Security
• Cyber Programs and Authorization Packages
• Cyber Security Compliance and Assessment
• Software Development

Environmental Management

• Scientific and Technical Support
• Environmental Compliance
• Engineering and Technical Reviews
• Safety, Security, and Quality
• Capital Project Reviews

Nuclear Engineering & Security

• Safety Management
• Operations Support
• Specialized Design Engineering
• Quality Assurance and Compliance
• Safeguards and Security

Business Solutions

• Strategic Planning and Communications
• Program and Project Management
• Financial and Budget Analysis
• Acquisition Support
• Logistics and Administrative

Health Services

• Regulatory Compliance and Privacy
• Health Information Technology
• Public Health
• Fraud, Waste, and Abuse